Diagnostic imaging

Our comprehensive diagnostic imaging equipment allows for us to investigate any area of your pet’s body.
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Our imaging services

GARS is extremely fortunate to have one of Victoria’s few imaging specialists working within the hospital.

Dr Marjorie Milne is a highly talented imaging specialist who helps to ensure the best possible imaging studies are acquired with rapid answers provided.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

GARS is extremely fortunate to be one of only a few veterinary referral centers in Victoria to have its own dedicated MRI machine onsite. This allows for exceptional non-invasive diagnostics that are critical for medical, surgical and neurological diagnosis and treatment.

Computed Tomography (CT)

CT is used for surgical planning in cases such as fracture repairs or oncology surgery. It can also be used for study of the blood vessels and urinary tract function.


This can be used in a variety of conditions such as abnormal swallowing and allows for interventional radiology procedures to be undertaken.

Digital Radiographs

High quality x-ray images which allow for the diagnosis of different types of fractures, and changes in the chest and abdomen.


Ultrasonography is commonly used to examine the abdomen but can be useful for changes in the chest, muscles and tendons.


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