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– Kim Sutton

My heart and soul, Maverick aged 4, was diagnosed with lymphoma, my heart broke. We were referred to GARS in Geelong for possible treatment.

Cancer is one of the scariest of things anyone has to go through, human or your pet. Maverick helped me through my healing time and several months ago the roles were reversed.

When visiting GARS for the first time we met Dr Scott who advised me on the options in such a supportive manner.

Lymphoma is a cancer that can not be cured however it can possibly be placed into remission through chemotherapy, I was told. There were other options laid out and I know he would have supported any that I chose. To me there was no other option, ANY chance of holding onto my boy for longer was my only concern. So, a couple of weeks later the treatment began. The heart break and concern I felt leaving him there for treatment that first time, was terrifying however the staff were so supportive of not only Maverick’s anxiety but mine also.

For the next few months, Maverick and I would go through the same routine each week.

Not once did I feel any of my questions were not answered, so much information was given about his treatment, how he went that day, what to expect and how he was progressing.

The Doctors, nurses and girls on reception were always welcoming, such loving and understanding personalities that only provided Maverick and myself the best of care.

At the end of our chemotherapy journey Maverick has been given the verdict of being in remission. I have my boy for as long as he can keep this at bay.

I am a huge believer in staying positive, I know it helped me and I do think it helped Maverick as well.

Cancer is the most frightening and horrible disease and I thank with all my heart everyone at GARS for providing the best care and support throughout this troubling time.

Everyone there made me feel like a family member supporting tears and laughter through the journey.

If there is one (or two) pieces of advice I could give to anyone in a similar or same situation it is…. As difficult as it is, please stay as positive as you can around your beautiful animal. They all have the most magnificent way of feeling your feelings and will either fight or give in going on what you believe. You need to be strong.

The other advice… I never thought I would really ever have the need, however last year something told me to get Pet Insurance. This I did, thinking it was a waste of money, however these past 20weeks it has proven to me that every cent paid to them over this past year has been returned to me 17 times over. My boy is a big boy so all vet bills are unusually more than double than smaller breeds. 80% of Mavericks treatment has gone through the wonderful reception girls to the insurance company leaving me with only 20% to pay each week.

My apologies for the long review however I am so grateful to ALL the wonderful staff at GARS. xx


– Amr Rasheed

The most genuine, dedicated, professional, friendly, caring and empathetic team I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!

Not only your pet but YOU are made to feel as VIPs and I felt that from my very first visit with my very sick little dog!

I felt that my little dog was in very good hands from the moment I set foot in the door.

Very welcoming warm receptionists who never forgot my name or my little dog’s name over the course of her treatment! That in itself showed me how genuine they are about what they do. Thank you so much.

I would highly recommend them to anybody who cares about their pet. The medical staff are the best bar none! Dr. Scott McCann leaves no stone unturned in finding a cure and fixing an ailment. His bedside manner is a shining example of what a Doctor should be!

Once again thank you to all the team for all your hard work and for being so friendly and professional!


– Vikki Cook

We first went to GARS in Nov 22 with our beautiful labradoodle Cassie. It turned out that Cassie had a heart murmur and fluid on the lungs with a life expectancy of 9mths.

Hence, to say we were at GARS very regularly. In fact, it was every week for Cassie’s weigh-ins.

The staff on the front desk Eliza, Donna and Sarah were amazing and so friendly. I honestly could not fault them at all – they treated Cassie like she was their own pet and me as if we were long time friends which helped when we didn’t get so great news as they were always there for a chat.

Cassie knew the routine and would always go behind the front desk for a pat or a sneaky treat.

Thank you also to Brody who would often get calls from me regarding Cassie’s condition but would always be so helpful and patient when I was asking a million questions!

Thank you to also Audrey, Annie and the nurses out the back for their care of Cassie. They were as shocked and upset as we were when she passed.

Thank you for the most beautiful kind words on the card it was so lovely. I did joke that I should still come in weekly for our chats!!!

As we said it is not goodbye but see you later.

I know with our experience that you will be in extremely good hands if you ever need to use GARS.


– Megan Woodward

I genuinely cannot thank Dr. Caitlin and the GARS team for looking after my Astro Boy with his surgery.

I was referred there by my regular Vet for a more severe orthopedic surgery, and after going through a very thorough admit consult, the team took more X-rays and saw it was a fracture instead.

This saved Astro from a world of extra pain, and us from an extra cost. Dr. Caitlin updated me on every single step and was so caring throughout the process. They made sure I knew what home care I needed to do for Astro and that they were happy for me to contact them for any questions.

Thank you so much to all of you lovely people. Your kindness and compassion are seen! I would 100000% drive from Wodonga all the way to you again for the amazing service and care.

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